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One Staple, Four Ways

COVID-19 has had us stocking our pantries. But do you know what to do with those staples?

Brown rice is a #wholegrain full of heart healthy fiber and nutrients! At around $2/box, each serving of rice is only about 25 cents! As a whole grain, brown rice adds to satiety (or satisfying fullness), helping you avoid overeating and preventing weight gain.

Here’s how you can transform ONE staple → into 4 dishes

  1. Fried rice: Combine shredded chicken, cooked rice, frozen peas & carrots medley in a sauce pan with an egg, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Voila!

  2. Remember the twist on corned beef & cabbage from #StPattysDay? Layer cooked brown rice, cooked turkey/hamburger meat, and cabbage in a casserole dish with tomato sauce.

  3. Combine with beans for a #completeprotein (cuz who needs meat?!) and add to your favorite tortilla with cheese and salsa.

  4. Stretch a can of chicken and rice soup by adding extra #rice & some frozen veggies while you’re at it!

How do you eat rice?

Mary-Catherine Stockman, MPH, RD, LDN

Busy Babes Nutrition


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